pandasales (pandasales) wrote,

Japanese Language Learning Tools

If you're interested in any of the Japanese learning items, please comment here!

~Japanese For Dummies, comes with a CD-ROM. Minor shelf wear on the edges and binding. $10

~EuroTalkinteractive Talk Now, new in plastic. Designed to learn Japanese quickly and need to know the basics fast. System Requirements: Windows 95-XP/MAC OS 7+. Minimum 100Mhz, 32MB RAM, 5MB HD space, 800x600 resolution with 256 colors, sound card, CD-ROM or DVD drive, mouse, speakers, and microphone. $5

~Language/30 Japanese. Contains 2 audio cassettes (approx. 100 minutes) and a phrase book. $3

~Instant Immersion Japanese Deluxe, never opened. Contains 8 discs. Has advanced speech recognition and analysis features. Includes 340 exercises and an 8000 word glossary. Has a Spoken Error Tracking System (S.E.T.S.), interactive dialog, dictation, comprehension, listening, writing, pronunciation, speaking, conversation, vocabulary, grammar, and cultural traditions. System Requirements: 166 MHz, Windows 95+, 16MB RAM, 90MB HD space, 4X CD-ROM drive, 16-bit Windows-compatible sound card, 800x600 256 color graphics card, microphone and speakers or headset, internet access and e-mail address required for online services. $15

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