pandasales (pandasales) wrote,

Clear File Folders

If you are interested in any of the clear file folders, please comment here! Thanks!

I am only posting the front of each folder to avoid flooding the page with pictures. If you want to see the back of a certain folder, just let me know! ^^ I apologize that some of the pictures are blurry. I don't have a great camera and it was hard to get a decent picture of some of them. ^^0

~San-X Afro Ken, never used. $3

~San-X Afro Ken #2, never used. $3

~Angel Sanctuary (Licensed by Movic), gently used. $6

~Love Hina (Licensed by Movic), gently used. $6

~Love Hina (Made in Taiwan), new in plastic. $4

~Revolutionary Girl Utena (Licensed by Movic), gently used. $7
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